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Congratulations Corner

Celebrating Excellence

This first quarter of 2009 has been a promising start for us at the National Initiative for Service Excellence Inc. Certainly we have gotten off to a good beginning - celebrating excellence.

We heartily congratulate Ms. Yvette Waldron – Legal Assistant, in the Land Adjudication Unit of the Ministry of Housing and Lands for being awarded the Service Excellence Award for exceptional customer service contribution as a Public Officer at the recently held 3rd annual GIVE Awards ceremony.

The NISE CEO Kim Tudor pointed out: It has been proven time again that a motivated work force makes the difference to a company's performanceAs managers and owners of businesses, we need to ask ourselves what is our organisation’s most valuable resource? And when we examine all the business inputs, we recognise that the single most important factor lies in the strength of our employees.”

A still delighted Yvette Waldron who also received two other awards on the night said this was her first time receiving such. She explained that she was committed to her job without thought of reward and recognition. “I was surprised but I am very thankful that people recognised my effort. I would say that my work reflects the qualities that are instilled in me based on my religion. I follow the Bible’s principles and do all things for God’s glory”.

Ms. Waldron encourages everyone else to: “Give of your best and try for excellence in everything that you do!”

To be eligible for the award, the nominees have to consistently:-
  • provide exceptional service to both the internal and/or external customer
  • demonstrate good communication skills
  • demonstrate the ability to satisfactorily resolve customer complaints
  • demonstrate a professional image at all times
  • develop and recommend innovative ideas to enhance the efficiency of the public sector as well as contribute significantly to the quality of service rendered to the public
  • demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviour
  • demonstrate compassion and care that goes beyond expectation of the customer

Canon De Vere Murrell, Rector of the St. Matthias Anglican Church also stressed the importance of the employee contribution at the Thanksgiving Service to mark the start of the Social Partners Week of Excellence 2009 under the theme “Going Back to Basics: Building Strategic Alliances Towards Improved Governance and Productivity”.

He told the congregation: “No chairman, manager, supervisor or leader can make a business successful without their staff, and staff that are motivated to do the required tasks and to do them well and efficiently".

Canon Murrell thanked the NISE CEO for her recent seminar “The Clergyperson As A Professional Within The Context Of NISE” as part of the observance of the Diocese of Barbados 40th Anniversary of Disestablishment. He told the congregation that Ms. Tudor had challenged them to find new approaches to their personal and professional lifestyles.  

The Week of Excellence culminated with “Taking Service Excellence to the Street” at Heroes Square in the City. Led by President of the Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados, Sir Roy Trotman, the other participating organisations included NISE Inc., the Barbados Private Sector Association represented by President Mr. Ben Arrindell, the Barbados Workers Union, and the Productivity Council.

NISE also took the opportunity to preview its soon to be released Courtesy video under the Barbados NISE Live Excellence Campaign. Live Excellence is one of the NISE strategies to meet its mission to ensure that not only organisations offer service excellence but also that individuals embrace excellence as a personal ethic. NISE has taken the inventive step to use the very popular Smiley to anchor a cast of the more popular Barbadian animals personified to represent the contrasting value to their most dominant character trait for e.g. Percy Pig representing Courtesy. The video was well received by parents and their young ones who sat riveted by the characters and Barbadians as they displayed courtesy in various environments.

Last week also marked the start of the NISE customer service training workshops. In the workshops, participants will learn about customer service and its relation to business success, the meaning of “good service,” and what the customer expects. Participants will explore their personal service styles and how to adopt a customer service approach that provides consistently good service.

We urge you to commit this year to Live Excellence and contact us at NISE to find out how you can get involved.

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